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Co-Teaching & Inclusion: Teachers Analyzing Co-Teaching (TAC-T)

Teachers Analyzing CoTeaching (TAC-T) Project, an open invitation to all co-teachers to participate
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The Teachers Analyzing Co-Teaching (TAC-T) research project is a free, web-based service sponsored by NoBox Inc. and coordinated by Co-Teach America. The TAC-T has 4 objectives:

  1. Improve service delivery to students in inclusive settings
  2. Support co-teachers as they build interpersonal relationships with their teaching partners
  3. Help administrators plan meaningful staff development for their co-teaching staff
  4. Identify current trends in co-teaching.

The TAC-T measures and analyzes the perceptions of both members of a co-teaching team and then generates an instant 20-point analysis, suggestions for improvement and provides a support document to assist teams as they work to improve.

How does it work?
The TAC-T is quick, secure and confidential. Each member of the co-teaching team logs onto the site separately and responds to 20 statements related to essential concepts of co-teaching. Participants respond by using a 1 to 5 semantic rating scale. The co-teaching partners do not discuss the survey with each other. They will not see each other’s responses in the reports. In this way each partner feels comfortable in providing accurate responses. While completing the survey, a detailed description of the specific co-teaching behavior in question can be displayed on screen, if clarification is needed.

The TAC-T then compares the 2 teachers’ responses and creates an analysis of the team.

What is being measured?

  • The co-teaching team’s perception of their performance in 20 essential co-teaching behaviors
  • The degree to which the co-teachers agree on their perceptions

What is provided?

Each co-teaching team receives:

  • A 3-tiered analysis of perceived strength in each of 20 critical co-teaching behaviors
  • A suggested improvement plan for the team, based on the analysis of their responses
  • An analysis of agreement between the two partners
  • A reference document explaining the 20 co-teaching behaviors

Administrators may request:

  • Compiled group data at national and/or state level as well as the data for their own school district and/or school building for all co-teaching teams who participate. Staff members' names are not provided in the data
  • An analysis of agreement, showing the degree to which teams share perceptions on each of the 20 co-teaching behaviors
  • A suggested improvement plan for the school or district, based on the analysis of team responses and levels of agreement
  • A reference document explaining the 20 co-teaching behavior

To participate click here (opens in new window): Click here to participate.

What's the catch?

  • Participation in the TAC-T as well as access to data is FREE
  • There are no products to purchase
  • You are under no obligation whatsoever to contract for services

My name is Rick Welsh. I am an Educational Consultant, and the creator of the TAC-T, as well as the Welsh Co-teaching Rubric and TimerData Plus Behavioral Observation Software. I have over 30 years of educational experience and almost 20 years of experience in training co-teaching teams. I will use the data to enhance the services that I currently provide to my clients in the public schools.

This is my way of introducing myself to you and your school system. It is my hope that you after using the TAC-T and seeing how it benefits you, your staff and your students, that you will contact me to discuss staff development possibilities.

Rick Welsh
Director, Co‐teach America

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