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Adapting Instruction

Planning Period Workshops
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Adapting Instruction

  • Have you noticed lately that some of your students are still being "left behind?"
  • Are you running low on new instructional strategies?
  • Does your bag of tricks need replenishing?
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This training will meet the specific grade level and/or curriculum needs of most educational professionals. Rick actively engages participants as he demonstrates the process of adapting instruction for any core subject area (English, Math, Social Studies and Science.)

Regular and Special Education staff will experience first-hand the power of learner-designed instruction.  Participants will clearly perceive the relevance of this training and will easily apply it effectively to their everyday teaching. This training yields immediate, tangible results in your classrooms.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Meet students' learning style needs without compromising instructional objectives.
  • Organize a classroom for teaching, based on how students learn.
  • Actively engage students in instruction with strategies designed to maximize their individual strengths.
  • Bring more joy to the learning process.
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