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Adapting Instruction

Planning Period Workshops
1/2 Day to 3 Day Workshops


Adapting Instruction: Planning Period Workshops

No substitutes required!

Training can take place during teacher planning periods. Rick will present numerous, and varied strategies that teachers can use the next day in their classrooms. The teachers’ own curriculum is used as a vehicle to teach the strategies. Sessions vary in length from 40 to 75 minutes depending on the length of teachers’ planning periods.

Rick needs to be in one place all day. The room must be large enough to allow for movement as well as comfortable seating for participants. Maximum attendance per session is 15 for a 40-minute session, 21 for a 75-minute session.

Your school system will receive a handout to be duplicated as well as a list of materials needed to conduct the workshop. Materials will vary based on the grade level and length of sessions.


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