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TimerData Plus:

Timer Data Behavioral Observation

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TimerData Plus Behavioral Observation Software: Pricing

Individual License: $34.99 per user
Each user may use the software anywhere in the school system.

Building License: $100 per building
Anyone in the building may use the software inside the building.

System License: $100 x Number of schools
Anyone in the system may use the software anywhere in the system.

To Purchase
To purchase, fax a PO to 708-570-1326. Make PO's payable to NOBOX Inc.

Honest Business Model
We offer a good product at a fair price.

We don't spend money and effort on marketing, complicated piracy protection, or other things that do not directly improve our software and the user experience.

We think the good will generated by playing fair and being responsive to users is more valuable to our business than short-term profits.

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