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Framework for PC : Software Features

Your decision making is firmly supported by the quality and quantity of data available from Framework for PC.

See a visual overview of the Framework for PC software.


  • Framework for PC has an easy-to-use interface, making the collecting, reporting, coding and analysis processes simple and fast. Here's what the interface looks like: (Click on the image for an enlarged view.)

Framework for PC

Framework for PC allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily code and sort observation notes according to 12 observable Framework components
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of observations according to the Framework Rubric
    • Each of the 22 components can be rated on its own level of performance rubric
    • Evidential support section is available for each component.
    • Elements for each component are available for quick reference and/or importing into evidential support comments.
    • Evidential support, Summary and Recommendation comments can be saved and retrieved for use in current or subsequent reports.
    • Multiple sources of evidence (portfolio, observation script, previously saved comments) are easily imported into evidential support comments.
    • Ratings of up to 5 observation analyses (rubrics) can be viewed simultaneously to assist with summative decision making.
    • User can report meets/does not meet expectations in the summary section of the report
  • Utilize Danielson’s conference reports
    • Teaching Profile
    • Pre-Observation
    • Post-Obsevation
  • The built-in TimerData Behavioral Observation software package allows you to:
    • Collect real-time classroom observation data quickly and accurately.
    • Time-reference observation notes to the second - automatically.
    • Collect data on up to 12 teaching conditions, behaviors or events can be quantified as you observe the lesson.
    • Determine the impact of events or conditions of your choice on teacher and/or student behavior
    • View all quantitative data in a variety of charts and table formats.
    • Display up to 10 observations may be viewed simultaneously.
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