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TimerData Plus Behavioral Observation Software and Framework for PC Software are robust instruments with many useful features. Training is highly recommended and there are options designed to meet the logistical and financial needs of almost any user. 

Training is usually conducted by Rick Welsh, educator, speech pathologist and creator of the software. Rick uses the software several times a week as he observes teachers and students in classrooms across the country. With his unique skill set, Rick is prepared not only train you on the proper use of TimerData Plus and Framework for PC but also help you discover additional uses of the software.

Rick will gladly give prospective clients a hands-on overview of the software at no cost. Simply request a free download of the software. Once you have received your software, contact Rick and arrange your free 60-minute telephone conference.

Once you have been trained on the either TimerData Plus or Framework for PC software, you are entitled to unlimited, free tech support.

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